* Sink Cleaned, Disinfected
* Tub/Shower Tiles Cleaned
* Chrome Fixtures
* Toilet Cleaned/Disinfected
* Vanity Top
* Countertop Items Organized
* Mirrors Cleaned
* Window Sills Wiped Down
* Wipe Baseboards
* Vacuum/Mop/Dry Floor
* Clean Switchplates
* Dust Walls & Remove Cobwebs

* Countertops/Backsplash Cleaned

* Sink Cleaned, Disinfected
* Cabinet Fronts Wiped

* Tub/Shower Tiles Cleaned

* Chrome Fixtures
* Floor Vacuumed/Mopped/Dried
* Outside Of Appliances Wiped
* Small Appliances Wiped
* Window Sills Cleaned
* Spot Wipe Walls
* Trash Emptied
* Dishwasher Loaded
* Wash Or Dust Table and Chairs
* Clean Switchplates

If this is your first time having your home professionally cleaned in a while, you'll need to start with our one-time Deep cleaning.  This service is perfect as a periodic service or as preparation for one of our ongoing cleaning plans.  During the deep clean, we scrub down everything to get your home looking and smelling great!  Below is a sample of the things that we do!

One Time Cleanings

Living Areas and Bedrooms:

* All Areas Dusted

* Carpet Vacuumed/Edged
* Furniture Vacuumed

* Beds Made
* Hardwood/Tile Floors Mopped/Dried
* Picture Frames Dusted
* Baseboards Dusted

* Mirrors Cleaned
* Cobwebs Removed

* Window Sills Wiped
* Spot Clean Walls

* Clean Switch Plates,
* Empty Trash
* Glass Tables Cleaned

* Lampshades Dusted