Lets face it, the role of a cleaning service is simple...keep the office clean.  Nothing is worse than walking into work and seeing where shortcuts were taken or things were missed.  We carefully inspect your building after each service and make sure that there's nothing missed.  


We take pride in creating a comprehensive cleaning plan for your business.  Our proposals are always designed to make your business look great while minimizing the cost. Let us evaluate your needs and start saving right away!

No two businesses are exactly the same, but there are some things that every business needs in a cleaning service

The commercial cleaning business has one of the highest turnover rates in any business.  We strive to be the LAST cleaning company that you ever hire.  If you're ever not satisfied with something, one of our owners will personally come and correct the issue.  You will also receive the plan put in place to ensure it never happens again.


It is important that your business or facility look good every time you walk in(and every time your customers walk in).  You need a service that you can count on to show up when they're scheduled...EVERY TIME.  We take this very seriously and ensure that our cleaners never miss a scheduled cleaning.

Pride in work

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